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Hey y’all, long time no talk! I have been spending the past month brainstorming ideas and creating new content for my blog in 2018. I wish I could put so much more time into this, but life is crazy with the 1,ooo other things I have going on. My goal is to create one blog post a week, and I am set for the next 4! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any topic suggestions, I would so appreciate it!

Today on ATB we are talking all things lips. Recently, I got something done that I never thought I actually would… lip filler! This is something that I have always wanted, but have been anxious about because I didn’t want to look like the new “Real Housewife of Houston” who’s face doesn’t move when they cry. I got the injections done at Artisan’s Rejuvenation Med Spa in College Station with Dr. Pocurull. He did a fabulous job and is very conservative with the amount of product that he uses your first time. The spa is gorgeous, and everyone there is so helpful and nice! One of the reasons I have chosen to share this experience with you guys is to show that it is okay to get these enhancements done in moderation. Not all people get their lips done with the intent for them to be unnaturally big and fake-looking. Often times people are really just looking for symmetry, definition, or a little pout! Personally, I wanted shape and definition in my top lip, but I wanted it to be discreet enough to where the outside eye would not notice, but I would. In no way do I believe this is necessary to be beautiful. But when done right, it can look naturally beautiful. Below, I have answered some FAQ about the process, but if you find you have any further questions, please reach out! I have also included a before and after picture. If you live in the BCS or surrounding area and want to get lip enhancement or botox done, you can use my code “Rachel” to get 10% off the total.


How long does lip filler last?

It can last from 6-12 months depending on what type of filler you get. The kind that I got will last me up to 6 months. I started with this just in case I ended up not liking it!

What type of lip filler did you get?

Dr. P used a product called Belotera. He described it as being one of the most natural types of filler to get. One of the things I loved about my experience with him was how conservative he was with the whole process. He wants these enhancements to look natural as natural as possible, which is why I was so comfortable going to him!

Did it hurt?

It really didn’t hurt at all! I will say that I do have a high pain tolerance, but he does numb the area he is injecting with a topical numbing cream so you really can’t feel any pain. It is a little weird/scary getting a needle to your face… But just close your eyes and you’ll be fine 🙂

What is the recovery like?

You will have a little swelling for a couple of days after you get them done, but nothing to the point where you can’t be in public. You have to wait to eat or drink any hot beverages/soups for the first few hours due to sensitivity. It takes about 2 weeks for them to settle and form the way they are supposed to.

What is the cost to get this done?

It is a flat rate of $600. I know this is a lot, but let me to tell you a couple things that go into this pricing. Not only does this include the product & process of getting the procedure done, but it also includes a little botox where he thinks is needed. He gave me a little bit botox where he thought was needed to help my lips look symmetrical & natural (he might even do a little in the forehead if you’re lucky ;)). This price also includes a 2 week follow up appointment where he will examine how your lips have healed and formed. At this point he will give you the option to add a little more if you would like for free. He said that almost 100% of the time his clients will end up wanting a little more since he’s conservative with the amount that he injects for the first time. I know not every has $600 to cough up to get yours lips and a little botox done, but they do offer a payment plan that can work with you and your budget!

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