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Hey friends! I’m so excited to share my new series “Coffee w/ Rach” with y’all today. This series will hopefully help you get to know and interact with me more, which is obvi what I want! At the end of every month I’ll do these; they’ll include a life update and answers to some questions y’all send my way (via mostly Instagram). That being said, feel free to comment, email, or Insta DM me any questions you would like answered in these posts! First up today is Q&A and then next is my life update (if you care to read that lolol). If your questions don’t happen to be in this specific post, don’t worry! I will put it in the next Coffee W/ Rach!

Questions from YOU guys!

Q: What are your favorite staple clothing items to pack for traveling? I travel a lot too and struggle with packing things that can all be worn different ways!

A: I’ll be honest I am still learning how to be a smart packer! I tend to overpack, but am trying to work on it haha. I like to keep staple pieces, such as jeans, shorts, and shoes to a minimum. You can easily re-wear these without being labeled as an outfit-repeater! In my opinion, it is unnecessary to pack more than one pair of jeans on a trip unless you need both blue and black. I then style these key pieces with sweaters, tops, scarfs, and accessories that are easily mix & matchable. Meticulously planning your outfits out for each day also REALLY helps. This way you eliminate extra staple pieces and can easily spot re-wearable pieces

Q: What is your favorite item on the Taco Bell menu?

A: This one made me LOL. If you follow me on Instagram (& watch my Insta stories) you would know that I have an unconditional love for Taco Bell and despite the fact that everyone else thinks it’s disgusting I am not ashamed! I’m not kidding 3 people asked me this. My favorite item is their bean burrito, but the crunch wrap supreme is a close second!

Q: My face is super oily so I was wondering if you could recommend a good makeup primer that would help with that?

A: My all-time favorite primer when I suffered from very oily skin was the Dr. Brandt Pores No More primer. It allows both your makeup to stay on all day long and controls excess oil. My skin is an oily/dry combo now and it still works great! While I frequently try new products this product I know I can always count on. 

*Tip: If you suffer from extremely oily skin, make sure you are using a good moisturizer. I know some of you might think this is crazy, but believe me I was once in your shoes! Frequently your skin overcompensates with increased oil when it lacks moisture. When I started moisturizing both morning AND night after I washed my face, the excess oil stopped accumulating.

Q: What articles of clothing or accessories do you think should be investment pieces and what do you think you should get cheaper at places like Old Navy or Target?

A: I believe you should invest in capsul pieces. Capsul pieces are things that can be worn year after year that never go out of style! Some examples include: a nice pair of denim jeans, a beautiful winter coat, a few basic handbags, and simple/everyday jewelry. Over the last 5 or so years, I have asked for different capsul pieces for Christmas or my birthday. One year I asked for a timeless (I know this cause my Gigi has the same one) quilted Burberry jacket that I wear every single year. Twice I have asked for nice handbags that I foresee myself using forever. And a few times nice jewelry that I know will last for years without tarnishing.

 Buying really trendy, “in-season” pieces are what you can purchase cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy great basics from places like Target or Old Navy, but they don’t always last the longest! Also, I do believe everyone should invest in one good pair of denim jeans that make you feel fabulous once every year or two.

Q: Will you ever start working in Houston since you moved or will you continue to work in College Station?

A: The plan for now is to continue to work in College Station. I have a full clientele and we just moved into our brand-new salon (which is beautiful). It only takes me about 55 minutes to get to work, and if I worked at a nice trendy salon in the middle of Houston, I would probably have the same type of commute with traffic. Ideally Blake and I would like to raise our future kids in College Station. It is where we are both from, and is home to us! So, we hope to eventually move back. Plus, I have cultivated such wonderful lifelong relationships with my clients, and I would miss them too much haha. 

Q: Are you taking new clients?

A: This is the number one question I get ALL the time which is why I saved it for last. Sadly, I am not able to take new clients! It’s great that I have been able to build a full enough clientele to support my business and I am disappointed that I am not able to take some of you who have reached out to me for an appointment, but I’ve had to limit my schedule now that I am commuting. There are some great stylists that I work with though, so let me know if you would like a recommendation!

Life Update:

We have finally moved into the brand-new salon my owner built, and it is so beautiful! It’s crazy how changing your work environment can inspire new creative juices and rekindle your passions. The new salon features modern twists evident in the high ceilings, stained cement floors, exposed piping, and everything white, black, and gray. It also eludes an elegant feel through chandeliers and beautiful beveled mirrors.

Also, as some of you know, my dear friend Lexi and I started a company- Blush & Glow Co. which is a business for on-location bridal hair and makeup! We have already gotten so many inquiries for 2017-2018, which is so exciting! Make sure to check out our website here and Instagram here. One of the 2018 weddings will be my brother Jordan’s wedding (in May). It’s so weird to think that my younger brother is getting married. Oh, and plot twist- to Lindsey who was my friend first! That is a story in itself, but one thing I will say is that she decided to expose to me that she liked my brother while I was doing her hair (risky move), and was sooo nervous lol. But I am glad it all worked out for the best because now she will be my sister-in-law! Also, she is so good at interior design, so their wedding will be gorgeous.

Lastly, as most of you know, I love to travel. I have recently taken a much-needed break from my monthly travels, but will start back up again in September which I will share with y’all soon! It’s really been nice though being in town the past couple months. Blake and I have been able to spend more time at home with our pups Sarge & Louie (our big ol’ German Shepherds). The travel bug has recently bit again though and I am so excited about my upcoming travels both this year and next!

Well, that’s all for now ladies and gents, and until next time, please leave a comment, email, or Instagram DM for more questions you would like answered. 




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