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Diff Eyewear + North Gate Juice Joint

Madison Bickham Photography

I’m so excited to be collaborating today with Diff Eyewear & North Gate Juice Joint! Diff Eyewear is a sunglass company that provides tons of different frame options for every face shape, as well as your choice of super fun lens colors. They are the perfect pair of sunnies for summertime! The ones that I am wearing are the Charlie matte black frames with the pink polarized mirrored lenses. Another great thing about the company is that for every pair of sunnies they sell, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. You can read more about their philanthropy here. Receive 25% off a pair by using code “BLUSH25”!

When I reached out to Maddie (my photographer) about shooting a look with these sunnies I was trying to think of a place to shoot at. North Gate Juice Joint is one of my favorite places in College Station and has the most awesome atmosphere if you’re wanting to be outside on a pretty day! We both got one of my favorite juices “Green Goodness”, and I highly recommend it if it’s your first time going and you are overwhelmed by all of the menu options. They also have yummy salads and wraps! I got the Pesto wrap (my fav) and Maddie got the Tex Mex wrap. Everything used at NG Juice Joint is locally grown, and they are 1 of 9 certified green restaurants in Texas! There are a lot of restaurants that claim they are wholly organic, but this place is actually legit! They grow many of their food & drink ingredients in their own garden, & everything there is also completely recycled and repurposed (including all of the furniture!). If you are a student at Texas A&M or are in the College Station area, make sure to check this place out! Learn more about the passion behind the company here.

Any excuse to shoot, eat/drink, and have girl talk is a good time to me! I’m so thankful for the relationship that Maddie and I have. She’s not only my photographer, but has also become a dear friend of mine. Anyone that knows me, knows that pictures are my LEAST favorite part about having a blog… But she makes it so much more fun and enjoyable! The passion that she puts into her work is truly inspiring. We always try to get coffee, drinks, or dinner anytime we shoot to catch up and end up chatting for hours. I love that we can bounce different dreams and ideas off of each other while also providing support and encouragement to each other in our aspirations. We have some very fun things planned for this year, so stay tuned! You can visit her website to see more of her amazing work here!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Don’t forget about my discount code, and grab a pair of cute summer sunnies!




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  • Shelly

    Maddie has done a great job with your pictures..I’ve always wondered who you were using. I had zero clue that NG juce joint also had food!

    April 7, 2017 at 6:58 pm Reply
  • Brittney Wade

    I almost went there this weekend! It was such pretty weather…especially when they were giving out free aloe vera plants on Friday!

    April 10, 2017 at 3:49 pm Reply
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