How to build the perfect Charcuterie board

Photography by Madison Bickham

I have had many requests to share how I build my charcuterie boards. Since Super Bowl Sunday is this coming weekend, I thought it would be fun to share how I like to make my own board, and maybe inspire you to make one as well! If you follow me on Instagram stories, you’d know that these are kind of my thing. Whether it be for dinner guests, holiday parties, family get togethers- I love any excuse to build the ultimate cheese board. It’s basically a huge board of delicious snacks you can pick on (while drinking wine of course). Over the years of me seeing/learning how other restaurants and people build their boards, I’ve realized it’s like a work of art! The colors, flavors, and arrangement are all key in making them look amazing and taste even better. All of the foods on a charcuterie board are meant to compliment each other with their unique flavors. Everything I used for this particular board I bought from HEB, but you can find most of these items at any local grocery store! Now I’m going to show you my key components to building the perfect charcuterie board.

  1. THE BOARD. My favorite place to find a beautiful board is Home Goods or TJ Maxx. They always have very affordable options that look like they were bought from Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma. This particular one I am using is from Home Goods!
  2. CHEESE. Let’s be real, the cheese is the star of the show when it comes to a charcuterie board. Who doesn’t love cheese?! I love to have a good mix of soft and hard cheeses. In this board I have smoked gouda, honey goat cheese, muenster, and spicy pepper jack.
  3. MEAT. Salty cured meats always add such a great flavor paired with cheese. I have a peppered salami, dry salami, and prosciutto. Sometimes I will use pepperoni, or any left over lunch meat I might have in the fridge!
  4. BREADS. I typically go for an assortment of different crackers. You could also do something like a crusted baguette! Great for adding a little crunch to the board.
  5. DIPS. I have used anything from jelly, jam, or honey! My absolute FAVORITE thing is to find a good fig jam (featured in the board). I love to take a cracker with a piece of meat and cheese, then top it with the fig jam. It’s like an orgasm in your mouth.
  6. ANTIPASTA. Olives or pickles are always good go-to’s. I specifically used pickled okra because it is my favorite! Anything pickled would be great. Other yummy additions could be marinated artichoke hearts or sun dried tomatoes!
  7. FRUIT. I’m convinced people put fruit on the boards to make them seem a little healthier… haha! I love adding grapes, strawberries, black berries, or apples. All go well with the cheeses too!
  8. NUTS. Nuts are always great to snack on. I love cashews and almonds! They also help fill in the holes of the board.
  9. WINE. You just can’t forget the wine.

Overall, you want your charcuterie boards to look full and delicious, so don’t be afraid to pile on the food. Also, make sure to have fun with it and be creative. Don’t overthink anything because whatever you choose will taste amazing! Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Have a great weekend!


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