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Life as of Lately

WOW! I decided to pull up my blog to make sure everything was looking alright and realized that I have not made a blog post since February! So much has changed since then so I spontaneously started writing. Not quite sure when this will even be posted but better write it now than never! Most of you who read my blog follow me on Instagram and are pretty much up to date with all that has happened between February and now. For those who don’t follow along I have lots of big news and for those of you who do I hope to provide more juicy deets of the past few months. In this specific order, here are the big things that have gone down: Blake and I bought a house in the burbs of Houston, my little sister had a baby boy, Blake met his birth mom and family, we went on a 5 year wedding anniversary trip to Mexico, got preggo, and recently found out we are having a baby BOY! K, now that that’s over we can go over a few of these specifics if you’re interested in reading any further. 

Buying Our Home

I thought this process was going to be a lot longer and more complicated than it was. Maybe this is because Blake is pretty good about keeping all our shit together and getting stuff done. I tend to be the procrastinator which can make things a little rocky between us at times hehe (just being honest here). This is something I am not proud of and trying to get better at. BUT I’m so thankful Blake pulls through to be proactive for the both of us. The house we bought was very different than most of the others we were considering. It was older, on the lower end of our budget, and definitely needed a little love/updating! Most of the homes we were looking at were newer, cookie cutter homes which didn’t have much of a yard or trees to speak of. While these were great homes they were at the top end of our budget and I was still finding myself wanting to change things about them (floors, counters, paint). Blake thought we should start looking at homes that were older so we could do our own updating.  When Blake first showed me the house that we ended up purchasing I was NOT interested. He basically had to force me to go look at it with him and I showed up prepared to decline it the second I walked in the door. We met our realtor (who we loved by the way if you ever need a good one in Houston), and I have to say… I was completely wrong. I don’t know if the pictures online just didn’t do the house justice, but I ended up actually really loving it when I walked in despite the dated fixtures and little things here and there that needed updates. This house had more character and potential than any other we looked at. Some of the things I love about it- tall ceilings, big spiral staircase in the entry, gorgeous thick and detailed crown molding, 3,100 sq. ft, big beautiful windows all over the house (3 of the bedrooms have bay windows), 3 car garage, and a big nice yard for the dogs with lots of tall trees. Keep in mind we got all these things at the LOWEST end of our budget. The house for sure needs some updates but the bones are so good! Blake is excited to see some of the transformations and now I am too. Since this will not be our forever home, we are adding resale value. Our goal is to build a bigger “forever” home we can raise our family in! We probably would have started on some of these updates earlier but now that we have a baby on the way, we are reevaluating our priorities. Some things are just going to have to wait until next year, but the first thing will be to redo the floors! We wanted to get that done this year but it’s just not realistic. I will try to share some home updates on here with before and after pictures throughout the process!

Baby B

At this point, most good bloggers would have already shared multiple blog posts- an announcement, 1st and 2nd trimesters posts, and many “bump updates”. But here I am sitting at 6 months just winging it LOL. It’s not that I’m not excited or trying to keep things a secret, I just don’t have the desire to share every single little detail or step in my pregnancy to the world (even though I love reading those posts on other blogs). I am willing to answer any questions people might have and I do want to share things about my baby shower, or helpful things when comes to building a registry! But I won’t have dedicated posts that display each step of my pregnancy. I’ll share some of it in this post though!

I found out I was pregnant the day after we got home from Mexico meaning I was pregnant there drinking all the alcohol, eating all the sushi, and receiving one of the worst sunburns of my life. So totally feeling like the Mom of the year, haha. I woke up feeling extra tired and couldn’t remember if I had missed my period or not so I took a pregnancy test. I had started to take tests more often when I couldn’t remember my cycle dates because we had stopped preventing pregnancy months prior. One test turned into 10 tests and they were all positive! Honestly, I was a bit more freaked out than I was excited. While I really was excited, my mind responded WTH. I began to think of all the things I planned to get done pre-baby and started questioning if I was ACTUALLY ready like I thought I was. I believe the answer is that- there’s always things to be done and that you’re never truly ready till it happens. Anyways, I told Blake when he got home from work by giving him a mug that said “Badass Dad”. Back story-  Blake has forbidden me to buy anymore mugs (I have a mug problem) and says that for every mug that comes in, another must go out. My thought- a great way to tell him some exciting news in an annoying way! Immediately he was so excited and wanted to tell a bunch of people. If it were up to Blake, this would be baby #2 on the way. He was ready to start trying a couple years ago but I pumped the breaks on that. We did get married young and are so glad we’ve had 5 years of marriage together to travel, grow, save – you know, do all the adult things. We are so excited for this next big step for our family! As far as my pregnancy goes, I really can’t complain! In the beginning I had some nausea, food aversions, and was extra tired which I feel like is pretty common. But I never threw up and have had a good amount of my energy. When I hit 12 weeks I didn’t even feel pregnant outside of little things (such as a growing belly). Most recently I have been experiencing back pain. I’m sure this has something to do with me working on my feet so I bought a heating pad the other day which has really helped relieve the pain! My cravings have been Starbucks spinach feta wraps, Mexican food, breakfast tacos, and avocado toast with eggs -honestly any breakfast food!

Baby Boy

We had a small reveal at my parents’ house to find out the gender. While we shared the baby news with some before 12 weeks we decided to wait till after the anatomy scan at 20 weeks to find out the gender! I entrusted my cousin Haley to be the “Gender Keeper”. She was the best and ordered smoke cannons, confetti poppers, and a bunch of balloons – for good photo ops of course! It was pretty 50/50 when it came to gender guesses from everyone. Blake thought it was a boy based only off what my mom and sister thought. I didn’t speak to the gender the whole time, but if I would’ve had to guess, deep down I thought it was a boy. What was funny was lots of people swore Blake was going to get a girl. While it would probably stress him the hell out, he would be such a good girl Dad! He’s going to be an amazing Dad either way. Sometimes I think he is going to be a better parent than I am LOL. While many people say it’s more stressful having a girl, I feel differently about that. Now that I know I am having a little boy, I have a different feeling of responsibility raising a boy. We have to raise someone’s future husband, future father, and a future male in society. My hope is that we can lead by example in our own relationship, teach him to be respectful, humble, kind, strong, how to strive to win but accept losing sometimes and, in the end, always putting all his trust in God. No big deal, right? I know that you can’t control the decisions your kids make but the least we can do is try to be the best influence in their life as possible! Also, my sister and I’s babies will be less than a year apart, making them automatic besties. She’s been so helpful when it’s come to pregnancy/baby stuff! As far as names go, we have a few on the table but still brainstorming. We’re not going to officially give him a name till he’s here in case our minds change when we see him for the first time. 

This is as far as I’m going to go with my life updates because this is very long! I’m happy to answer any specific questions here or on Instagram. What’s to come on the blog? Quick posts on my favorite Amazon finds, recipes, home decor hauls, gift guides for the holidays, and things that are helpful for y’all and easy for me to put together! Any suggestions are always welcomed. Until next time!



PS- here is a picture of my nephew! I love him so much.

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    Precious! Love watching you guys and can’t wait to see you as parents!

    October 29, 2019 at 3:35 am Reply
    • allthingsblush

      Thanks so much Shelly! We are so excited!!

      November 2, 2019 at 11:54 pm Reply

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