My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items

I have had several requests to share some of my favorite baby items that I’ve loved and ACTUALLY used! Today I’m sharing my top 10 favorite items I felt were staples we truly used in the first couple of months. Sadly, he has grown out of a few of these since he is almost 6 months! I will share an updated one with some of my favorite 6+ month items we end up loving. I know for a lot of people baby items can be so overwhelming. You don’t need EVERYTHING out there. Thats why I’m sharing my top 10 of what I think are important to have/register for. These are what worked for us and specifically Rhett. I highly encourage you to do your own research to make sure it’s suited for you and your family as well! If any of you have any further questions about anything baby related, please do not hesitate to reach out. I linked some of the pricier items through Buy Buy Baby in case you want to use the 20% off coupon they offer monthly.

Lounger- We have both a Doc-A-Tot and a Newborn Boppy Lounger. We used the Doc-A-Tot some but ended up using the Boppy Lounger in the beginning so much more! We would kept it on our couch for Rhett to lay in while we watched tv or hung out. Plus it is less than $40! My sister swore by her Doc-A-Tot and used it all the time! It really just depends on what your baby ends up liking.

Sound Machine- I would for sure recommend the Hatch sound machine as well as the Baby Shusher. With the Hatch you can control the type of sound, volume, and night light through an app on your phone which is so convenient! The Baby Shusher is a portable sound machine that’s great to have on the go. 

Bassinet- The Halo Bassinest is something I am so happy I ended up getting. It swivels right up onto your bed! In the beginning I would just keep it right next to my side of the bed while I slept. It was nice that I didn’t have to get up out of bed if I needed to check on him or pop his paci back in his mouth.

Carseat/Stroller- I did sooooo much research on what type of carseat and stroller I wanted. I ended up going with the same thing my sister got which is the Nuna Pipa Travel Mixx system the exact color I have (birch) you can get here, and there are a couple other colors on their website here. The carseat is super light and easily clicks in and out of the stroller or carseat base. We have travelled with it a lot now and have absolutely loved the convenience of it. It also comes with a toddler insert meaning the stroller will grow with him into his toddler years. The combo is pricey but it comes with a lot: carseat, carseat base, stroller, and toddler insert for stroller. It has amazing safety ratings which was most important to me! I was thankful that all my hostesses from my baby shower gifted it to me! 

Sleep Suit/Sacks- The Magic Merlin Sleepsuit is actually magic!! When we started using this (around 8 weeks) Rhett started sleeping 10 hours through the night. He didn’t really love the swaddle so the sleep suit gave him comfort and security while also letting him sprawl out. I also started putting him in it for his naps and he started to take 1.5-2 hour naps! It’s recommended to transition them out of it when they start rolling over. He now uses a Nested Bean sleep sack that has a small weighted bean on the chest area to help give comfort while sleeping. He loves it as well!

Bouncer- A bouncer is nice to have to put them in for lounging, or when you need something to put them in while you get ready/get things done! I love the Baby Bjorn bouncer because it’s lightweight, easy to travel with, and comfortable. I love the simplicity of it. You can bop it up and down with your foot which always helped put Rhett to sleep for a little cat nap.

Monitor- We went with the Infant Options DXR-8. It was important to me to get a camera/monitor that didn’t need to rely on wifi, to prevent it from getting hacked into. This also makes it easy to travel with and use anywhere. Also, it’s nice to have a separate screen from your phone so that you can easily be on your phone!

Muslin Blankets- I have a million of these blankets! They are so great because they are lightweight so they won’t overheat your baby (we live in Texas). But I also use them to cover loungers/surfaces he lays on, cover myself while breast feeding, or cover his face if he falls asleep on me in public since they are lightweight and breathable. You can never have too many of these! There are many places you can buy them so I will link some here, here, and here.

Tummy Time/Play Mat- This Kick & Play Piano Gym play Mat is a MUST HAVE. It is the best baby entertainment in my books. During tummy time we would lay Rhett facing the colors and music to help entice him to pull his head up and work his back/neck muscles. As he grew he started laying and kicking on the piano buttons which he LOVED. Then he started reaching for the toys that hang down. It was cool to watch his developmental leaps happen while using it! I love that it is something that can grow with them and still use when they are older. Several people I know absolutely love this mat for their babies. Warning… The songs will get stuck in your head!! 

Newton Mattress- Last but not least is the Newton crib mattress. We actually recently received this through a collaborating opportunity I have with them! It is a breathable mattress that actually works. My sister in law and I put it to the test and smushed our faces in it the day I got it and was able to breathe while doing so! We were both pretty impressed. You can also unzip the mattress covering to easily through it in the wash to clean. This is something I highly recommend adding to your registry! It just gives you a little peace of mind when transitioning them to their crib. I know it’s a pricier item, so it would be perfect to add to your registry! You can follow this link and use code “RachelB” to receive $50 off your mattress.


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