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Hey everyone! I’m super excited about today’s post because it’s a collaboration with Geordian- Adore More with Geor, and Ashley- Simple Southern Style! Geordian and I have been wanting to do a collaboration together and finally found the perfect opportunity. I met Geordian about 2 years ago when she came to me to get her hair done and I’ve been doing her hair ever since then, while she’s been attending Texas A&M University. She graduates this weekend and even though I am super excited for her I am sad she will be moving back to Dallas afterwards. But, since her boyfriend will still be here, she will be coming back to me for her hair needs when she visits him 🙂 Geordian has been a big encourager and supporter for me in starting my blog and I can’t thank her enough for that! She also has an amazing sense of fashion, and is great at putting outfits together for all sorts of occasions. Make sure to check out her blog for some major fashion inspiration!

Ashley Swope is another one of my clients that began coming to me about four months ago and we instantly clicked! Ashley makes beautiful handmade jewelry and has started a business called Simple Southern Style. She is an extremely talented artist with a unique style that makes her one of a kind! I am a big supporter of small/local businesses which is why I love buying from Ashley even more! She also promises a lifetime warranty to fix anything that may break, even if it’s your own fault. I remember her exact words were “You know, maybe you’ve had a little too much to drink and decide to swing from a chandelier and your necklace breaks… I’ll still fix it.” Haha! This promise really makes me feel good about investing in her pieces. Geordian and I had the privilege of styling some of her pieces on our blogs.

I absolutely love the idea of collaborations because it’s a way for us women to support each other. Girls tend to make everything a competition with each other by thinking- Who’s prettier? Who’s skinnier? Who has nicer things? Who has more followers? And the list goes on…. The quote “Girls compete with each other, women empower one another” is such a true statement! Why not be kind and encouraging towards other women and see how that inspires you? We are all our own individuals and we should encourage and support each other to be just that.

Thank you for reading this post and make sure to follow Geordian’s instagram to keep up with her latest fashion posts, and Ashley’s instagram to keep up with her new inventory!





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