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Street Style in Soho

Rachel’s outfit- Jumper: Free People • Hat: Free People • Shoes: DSW• Sunnies: RayBan

Madi’s outfit- Dress: H&M • Duster: Forever 21 • Sneakers: H&M• Sunnies: Forever 21

Kate’s outfit- Jacket: Anthro • Top: Target • Jeans: H&M • Shoes: H&M • Sunnies: Earth Bound

Madison Bickham Photography

During our trip to New York Fashion Week, Kate, Madi, and I wanted a couple days to just shop, eat, & have fun in the city without having to worry about busying ourselves with any fashion shows or events. I became very fond of Soho when we got to spend the day there and I would say it is the best shopping spot in NYC! The shopping there is quite different than what you would find on 5th Avenue. You won’t see the “Big Name” designer stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Prada, but instead you’ll discover cute boutiques, antiques, quaint little restaurants, chic bars, and coffee shops. The atmosphere is chill, but still perfectly trendy and upbeat. We came upon a store called What Goes Around Comes Around which could be described as a resale shop selling luxury vintage accessories and apparel. The quality of their pieces are impeccable and I pretty much oh’d and ah’d over everything in there, wishing I could purchase entire store. As you step into the store you are greeted with a wall of vintage Playboy magazines which gives quite the perspective of what was once considered “raunchy”. The store is frequently visited by celebrities and tastemakers from around the world. Definitely pop in there if you are ever in that area!

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Black Tap was another one of our NYC destinations for the trip. It is known for its milkshakes which have desserts piling out of them (it’s actually heaven) and their burgers. Both definitely lived up to their hype and let’s just say we left in major food comas. Another great place to try if you are ever in the city (they have multiple locations). 

Black Tap NYC

Hitting the top of my list of my favorite things about NYC is the freedom to express yourself through fashion! Kate, Madi, and I all love similar things, but also all have different styles (as you can see in the pictures). I remember when I was planning out my outfits for the trip I would ask Kate (my best friend who lives in the city) “Would it look weird if I wore boots this early in the season?” Her reply to this was “Here’s the thing about NYC… You can literally wear whatever the hell you want, and no one will think twice about it.” Immediate relief. The thing about Texas is that the second you whip out a sweater or boots too early in the season, you can expect a quick remark along the lines of “Someone seems to have jumped the gun,” or “Wishful thinking hun!”. Anywho, I got my little jumper from Free People, and boy is it comfy! Speaking of Free People…we popped into one located in Soho, and I’m pretty sure it was the best one I’ve ever been to. I have linked my outfit along with Kate and Madi’s outfits under the pictures to shop. I hope y’all enjoyed this post!





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